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Šmartno is situated in the geographical centre of Brda. The village on top of the hill, surrounded by defence walls with watch towers, was first mentioned in  1317.

There are no specific historical records about the origin of the defence walls, but it is believed that the walls were erected most probably on the remains of a Roman bastion in the period of the wars between the Habsburgs and the Venetians during the years 1507 – 1519.

Today it has the status of cultural monument of the first order.

Šmartno is a remarkable cultural monument in Slovenia. A guided tour throug the narrow streets will allow you to discover peculiar architectural features of this fortified village. Visit the Gothic house, ethnological museum and the House of Culture, with contemporary art exhibitions.


The Baroque Church of St. Martin is the biggest parish church in Brda. Built in 1895, its bell tower dates back to the 14th century when it was used as the watch tower of the fortification. The village was named after St. Martin. This church prides itself over the frescoes, painted by the Slovene artist Tone Kralj.

ETHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM “BRIŠKA HIŠA” ( the Gothic house, an example of rural house )

Upon entering  Šmartno, and walking about the narrow streets among the old and newer houses, the feeling of being in a medieval labyrinth  crosses one’s mind.
This feeling is even more present when you enter the museum “Briška hiša” (called also the Gothic house ). The pointed arch of the portal leading to the cellar denotes the influence of the late Gothic architecture of the beginning of the 16th century, the period when the walls were erected. During the period of the peasant Baroque, i.e. the 18th, or rather, in the beginning of the 19th century, the house was renovated and more rooms were added. Today, a corridor balcony (called gank in Slovene), the  wide verge with its painted tiles (planete, piastrelle), motifs typical of the area can be admired from the outside. The interior is a reconstruction of a typical rural house in Brda.


Šmartno welcomes artists with open arms. At No 38-40 is the House of Culture with permanent and temporary  art exhibitions, it is the venue for concerts, performances, lectures, meetings. The mild climate, a welcoming environment and friendly villagers are   key to this artistic creativity.

Tourist offer in Šmartno village

Price: 5,00 € per person includes: visits to the Gothic house, St. Martin's Church and the House of culture. A glass of autochthonous rebula is included. The visit lasts about an hour.

Price: 17,00 € per person includes: visits to the Gothic house, St. Martin's Church and the House of culture. Wine tasting with 4 samples of wine with food degustation. The visit with wine and food tasting lasts about two hours.